Heritage Week Video

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As part of our celebration of Christchurch Heritage Week, we welcomed many members of the public into the church. A highlight of the week was a video produced by John Sellwood (https://www.tellinglives.co.nz/) which looks at our history with a focus on our many beautiful stained glass windows.

Here's John's description of the video:

As part of Christchurch's Heritage Festival St.Michaels and All Angels is offering guided talks and the opportunity to view some of this city's most significant victorian art work - its stained glass windows. The Church has just completed the restoration of it's Rose window an opportunity for Telling Lives to go behind the scenes and look at the ancient craft of stained glass creation and restoration. While St Michael's is dwarfed by the large English and European cathedral's none share the unique flavour of it's native timbers and colonial settler aspirations. Yes colonialism, has had many negative impacts, but these early English settlers also brought so many positives when they founded our city, St. Michaels and All Angels holds much of that story in it's architecture and cultural referencing. It is a hidden heritage gem.

Watch it below:

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