Holy Week Music List, 2023

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Palm Sunday

Solemn Mass (10:00am)

Before the blessing of Palms: Plainsong 508 – The Children of the Hebrews (Mode 1)

After the Palm Gospel is read: Processional Hymn 509 All Glory Laud and Honour.

At the entrance to the Sanctuary and censing: Prophetic Anthem 510 O Jerusalem Plainsong Tone 1

Mass setting: St Mary’s Mass (Anthony Caesar)

Psalm: 118

Offertory Hymn: 86 My Song is Love Unknown

Communion motet: Pueri Hebreorum (Tomas Luis da Victoria)

Communion hymn: 269 The Heavenly Word

Final hymn: 511 Ride On, Ride On In Majesty.

Voluntary: Organ Prelude in C Minor BWV 546 (JS Bach)

Stations of the Cross (7:00pm)

Introit: Choir Antiphon (David Ogden)

Prologue: Vexilla Regis (NEH 79 vv I and 2)

Station I: Ecce quomodo (Jacob Handl, AWTE p67)

Station II: Choir Antiphon

Station III: O vos omnes (Giovanni Croce, AWTE p129)

Station IV: At the cross her station (NEH 97 1, 3, & 5)

Station V: Peccantum me quotidie (Christobal Morales, AWTE p27)

Station VI: Vexilla Regis (NEH 79 vv. 3, 4 & 5)


Station VIII: Adoramus te (Orlando de Lassus, AWTE p69)

Station IX: Christus factus est (Felice Anerio, AWTE p52)

Station X: Choir Antiphon

Station XI: Were you there? (NEH 93, vv.1-3)

Station XII: Agnus Dei (Thomas Morley, AWTE p33)

Station XIII: Drop,drop slow tears (Orlando Gibbons NEH 82)

Station XIV: Vexilla Regis (NEH 79 vv 6&7)

Epilogue: When I survey the wondrous Cross (NEH 95)

Holy Thursday

Solemn Mass (7:00pm)

Organ: Eric Apperley and Paul Ellis

Voluntary: Cantabile (Flor Peeters)

Introit: Hymn 273 And now O Father

Mass setting: St Mary’s Mass (Anthony Caesar)

Gloria: Noel Rawsthorne

Psalm: 116

Foot washing:
Ubi caritas (Anthony Caesar)
In the heart where love is abiding (John Barnard)

Communion anthem: Solus ad victimam (Kenneth Leighton)

Communion hymn: 302 O thou who at thy Eucharist didst pray (Orlando Gibbons, vv 1 & 4)

Procession to the altar of repose: Hymn 268 Of the glorious body telling.

Psalm: 22 (C Hylton Stewart)

Good Friday

The Liturgy of the Passion (12:00pm)

Soloists: Matthew Harris and Craig Knowles

Hymn: 95 When I survey

Psalm: 31

The Passion according to St John (Tomas Luis da Victoria)

The Reproaches (Tomas Luis da Victoria)

Hymn: 83 Glory be to Jesus

Hymn: 90 O Sacred head

Crux fidelis (John VI of Portugal)
O vos omnes (Felice Anerio)

Holy Saturday

The Easter Vigil (7:00pm)

Choir: Keryn Ward, Amelia Ryman, Derek Ward, Adrian Lowe, and Matthew Harris.

Psalm: 16

Psalm: I will sing unto the Lord

Psalm: 104

Gloria: A Festive Eucharist (Noel Rawsthorne)

Psalm: 118

Offertory hymn: 345 Christ is the King

Sanctus, Benedictus and Agnus Dei: Mass for 4 Voices (William Byrd)

Communion Motet:
Haec dies (Giovanni Puerluigi da Palestrina)
Surgens Jesus (Peter Phillips)

Hymn: 118 The Lord is risen indeed!

Recessional: William Mathias

Easter Day

Solemn Mass (10:00am)

Organ voluntary: Sarabande for the morning of Easter (Herbert Howells)

Processional hymn: 109 Hail thee, Festival Day

Mass setting: A Festive Eucharist (Noel Rawsthorne)

Psalm: Easter Anthems

Offertory hymn: 271 Alleluia! Sing to Jesus

Anthem: Most glorious Lord (William Harris, AWTE p 182)

Communion hymn: 118 The Lord is risen indeed

Final hymn: 120 Thine be the glory

Choral Postlude: Hallelujah Chorus (GF Handel)

Festal Evensong and Benediction (7:00pm)

Organ: Christ lag in Todesbanden (JS Bach)

Introit: This joyful Eastertide (NEH 121)

Psalm: 114 (Edward Bairstow, AWTE p165)

Preces and responses: John Sanders

Office hymn: 101

Canticles: Stanford in C

Anthem: The Easter song of praise (Richard Shephard, AWTE p212)

Hymn: 112 Jesus lives

Organ postlude: An Easter Hymn (Gordon Slater)

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